ASSOME! Ultrasonic Massager. It combines 3 cutting edge technologies – LED, radiofrequency and ultrasonic waves to fight cellulite and help lift and firm your booty in the comfort of your home.




    Reach under your skin with 1MHz ultrasound therapy used by professional slimming machines. Remove cellulite buried deep under the skin. Reduce the percentage of stubborn fat cells Slim and body-shape.


    Radio frequency (RF) is the latest innovation in beauty technology that works on heart of your dermis Lifts and tighten skin Enhances the skin’s elasticity Lifts and rejuvenates. RF works by stimulating the structural change of both the collagen fibres and elastic fibres.


    High intensity ‘cold’ light can help improve the condition of your skin and help it regain a young and flexible texture. Improves uneven skin tones, Reduces the size of pores, Gives the skin a brighter colour. LED gives fibroblast cells a 'full tank of fuel', and these old cells in the dermis start to produce collagen and elastin.

Buy Assome! Starter Kit: Remove cellulite at home like a professional


1. How often should I use the Assome! Ultrasonic Massager?

We recommend to use the Assome Ultrasonic Massager 3 times a week for 3 months for best effect.

2. Can I give myself the Assome! massage every day? I like it so much...

Don‘t massage your body more often than recommended. To avoid skin irritation use the device 3 times per week.

3. How long does it take to see the results of the Assome! Ultrasonic Massager?

The first effects can be seen within 6-8 weeks of regular Assome! treatment. Your skin will become smoother and more toned but the cellulite reduction will come after 10-12 weeks of regular Assome! massages.

4. Can I use other gels or creams to massage with the Assome! device?

We recommend to use Assome! Absorption Gel and Assome! Zero Serums with our massager. Assome! cosmetics have been specially designed to work with our ultrasonic device and fight cellulite at source. Our Assome! Absorption Gel not only perfectly transmits ultrasonic waves but also contains a lot of active anticellulite substances such as caffeine, vanilla extract, ginger extract, arnica extract, ginkgo biloba and others. Assome! Zero Serums have been created to target buttocks fat and cellulite. According to research, Xymenynic acid (sandalwood seed extract) contained in Zero Cellulite Serums provides a cellular detox and reinforces both dermal strength and elasticity. That’s why we have created the Assome! starter kit that contains all you need to start your Assome! therapy.


5. Can I use the Assome! Massager without any gel?

We don’t recommend using the device without the massage lubricant. Ultrasound waves need a transmitter to reach deeper dermal layers (a medical ultrasound machine also requires the use of a ultrasonic gel). That’s why we created the Assome! starter kit that contains all you need to start your Assome! therapy.


6. Is using the Assome! Gel and Zero Serums alone as effective as using them with the Assome Ultrasonic Massager?

You can use the Assome! cosmetics alone just like other body creams but remember: no cream or gel can single-handedly penetrate deeper dermal layers where cellulite resides. Ultrasonic waves emitted by the device during the massage guarantee a deep penetration of active substances for best effect.

7. Is the Assome! massage painful?

The good news is that the massage with our Assome! Massager is completely painless. During the massage you can get a burning feeling on the skin but this is a normal response. The ultrasonic waves let the active substances from the gel and serums penetrate deep into skin to reach hidden cellulite. As a result of, the blood circulation increases what stimulates the cellulite and fat reduction. This burning feeling can last even 30 minutes after the treatment.

8. My Assome! Massager makes no sound. Is it broken?

Everything is ok with your Assome! device. The massager is completely silent during the massage. With no doubt, it works correctly.

9. Can I use the Assome! Ultrasonic Massager for other parts of my body?

The Assome! Ultrasonic Massager is designed to fight cellulite and burn fat on your buttocks. However, you can also massage your legs, arms and even your belly. We do not recommend using it for your breast (heart area).


10. Can I use the Assome! Ultrasonic Massager when I’m pregnant?

We do not recommend to use the Assome! Massager during the pregnancy period. But it could be a very effective way to return to the previous form after the delivery. As one of our awesome clients said: „Every mom should have it...“.

11. What else can I do to accelerate, strenghten and/or maintain the Assome! effects?

The best and fastest way to reduce cellulite and fat cells is to fight the problem on many fronts. Eating healthy food, for example a lot of vegetables, reducing the quantity of sugar in your diet, avoiding fast food... All the things really help combat the stubborn orange peel. If, additionally, you exercise regularly, be sure that you’ll enjoy beautiful and smooth buttocks skin for long.

12. How often can I repeat the Assome! therapy?

In order to maintain the effects of finished Assome! treatment, we recommend to repeat the massage two, three times per month.