Awesome Methods to Remove Excess Body Fat


Fats can be very irking; especially when they just seem to always show up and make us look ridiculous.

It’s understandable that you want to get rid of fats, and here are a few ways through which you can achieve that goal:

Stop doing crunches

If you have belly fat, then you should never do crunches.


Because while crunches will strengthen your stomach muscles, the belly fat that covers your abs won’t leave. Those 200 daily crunches that have been recommended because of the myth of spot reduction n are just a waste of tie if you’re looking to reduce belly fat.

Also, crunches can cause pain in the lower back, a forward head posture and slouching shoulders. You won’t get these issues with the reverse crunch, but even that won’t be a quality fix because the fact still remains that spot reduction is nothing but a big fib.

Build your strength

Strength training will help in the building of quality muscle mass. It also prevents the loss of muscles and it helps in getting rid of fats. To build strength, recommended strength training exercises include deadlift and squats.  

Your lower back will keep you standing upright from the back and they are complemented on the front by your abs. During squats and deadlift, both muscles will work hard to keep you from collapsing under all that weight

With squats and deadlifts, you will also be stressing your body with heavy weights. All your muscles will work and as such, fats and muscle will be burned much faster.


Ever thought of cellulite removal?

Cellulite removal is a procedure in which ultrasound therapy is used to create heat. Upon contact with your body, this heat causes vibrations on your skin and from there, cellulite (fats from under the skin) is removed. It is a safe procedure, and it has been tried and trusted by a plethora of patients.


Eat healthy

As the saying goes “abs are built in the kitchen”. While it is always possible for you to train all day and build all the muscles that you can, it all doesn’t really amount to much of you keep eating junk food. Do away with processed food and embrace whole, unprocessed consumables.

You don’t necessarily have to be a stickled with the healthy stuff, though. As a matter of fact, eating junk food is something that can help you lose fats as well. Just make sure that you don’t end up overdoing things. At a maximum you should eat junk food only 10% of the time. Basically, if you eat 6 times a day, that’s about 4 junk meals on a weekly basis.

Reduce your consumption of alcohol

If you’re looking to reduce fats (especially belly fats), you should pay as much attention to what you drink as you do to what you eat. It’s fine to take alcohol from time to time, but if you want to lose fat and you keep drinking beer daily, well that ship has sailed.

Alcoholics are prone to developing the “pear shape”; basically huge belly fat and man boobs- especially as they get older. Alcohol also causes a lot of stress for your liver and as such, your quest to gain muscles is hampered a great deal.

Reduce your intake of carbs

Don’t get it wrong; carbs are actually needed for energy. However, the issue with carbs is that people are fond of eating way more than what they need. When you do so, the body will store the excess and unused carbs as fat.

Basically, unless you’re very skinny and you need to gain weight, reduce your intake of carbs.