Burn – Firm- Airbrush – 3 steps to get rid of cellulite for real

Cellulite can make you lose confidence in yourself and can be damaging for your self-esteem, but many people are finding themselves fighting a losing battle with cellulite for years.  Why? Cellulite is basically fat stored in the wrong places on your body which damage your silhouette and confidence. There are plenty of triggers that cause cellulite –  air pollution, office work reality, stress, etc – but very limited ways of removing it.

Stop looking for answers:
We have specially designed the solution for effective cellulite removal with clear results for real. After some extensive research, we discovered professional beauty experts have access to the best technologies in removing cellulite for good. Harnessing this, alongside plenty of talks with real women, we came up with the perfect formula for your cellulite-free derrière.
Our formula is simple: Burn – Firm – Airbrush.
These 3 steps will help get rid of the appearance of cellulite. Letting you get back to feeling confident in anything –  or nothing!
We have combined three of our cutting edge professional technologies to help women around the world finally love their ass!

STEP 1: Burn Deep Hidden Cellulite

Cellulite is basically deep fat deposits stored under our dermis. This is what gives your booty the little dimples under the skin.  Step 1 is designed to combat this level of deep fat storage. Our strategy: Let’s burn it.
With Ultrasonic Deep Removal technology from Assome! We can easily do it. The Assome! Ultrasonic Massager makes use of high-frequency vibrations caused by ultrasound to remove cellulite that is buried deep under the skin, reducing the percentage of stubborn fat cells, working to achieve that slimmer and shapelier booty.
How it works:
The physical vibrations (of up to 1 million per second) create deep vibrations to each part of your body. This unique cell massage enhances cellular metabolic function and increases the vitality of cells, promoting circulation, and improving the nutrition of skin tissue  to keep the skin rosy and elastic. 

STEP 2: Firm & Lift The Dermal Layer

Next, we want to firm up your booty for long-lasting results. The Dermal Layer of your skin is responsible for firmness and elasticity. This tissue consists of Collagen. Collagen bridges break and lose elasticity with age.
For a cellulite free booty you need to put them back in shape again. We do it with power of Radiofrequency firming and slimming by Assome! High frequency radio waves produced by Assome! Ultrasonic Massager oscillate 6 million times per minute, tighten skin, reduce cellulite and lighten fine lines.  Radio frequency (RF) is the latest innovation in beauty technology used by health and beauty experts globally. This process works by stimulating the structural change of both the collagen fibers and elastic fibers, bringing them back to their original elasticity. 


STEP 3: Get younger looking skin with LED Airbrushing

Everybody wants that Photoshop finish airbrushed bum for that smooth, perfect, beach ready booty with no imperfections or color imbalance. Assome! Ultrasonic Massager has an LED Airbrush function  ‘built-in. Its high intensity ‘cold’ light helps you regain fresh, young and firm skin texture. LED will give your fibroblast cells a 'full tank of fuel'. Your old cells in the dermis will start to produce collagen and elastin, reducing your skin’s age by improving uneven skin tone, reducing visible pores, making your skin look brighter instantly.


Your booty is in your hands!

This might sound strange but it’s true! With our 3 steps formula and effective technology, you’ll get the perfect booty in one simple device.
Follow our Burn – Firm- airbrush routine and get the ass you’ve always wanted. It is no miracle or magic, this is pure technology used widely in beauty salons now available for you in the comfort of your home. Assome! Recommends its concentrated collection of ZERO ULTRASONIC SERUMS and Absorption Gels to make sure all the goodness will be delivered straight under your skin.
Assome! Ultrasonic Massager is launching this spring at