Cellulite is a skin condition women often talk about. They describe it as skin texture problems, orange peel or fatty deposits. Sometimes women report that they suffer from bumps, dimples or just visibly unattractive skin. Everybody knows that cellulite exists but hardly anyone knows exactly what it is and what it results from. Let’s explain basic facts in a nutshell.

What is cellulite

Cellulite means a build-up of fatty tissue under the skin and forming fat-based lumps and dimples on the upper thighs, abdomen, hips and buttocks. Sometimes women can develop cellulite on arms or above knees. It appears as the result of an interaction between the connective tissue and fat cells underneath. Fat cells start pushing harder and harder as they want to ‘go outside’ and the connective tissue is not strong enough to stop them.

Different factors affecting skin condition

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Cellulite may be caused by various reasons. Age (collagen skin structures change with age), genes, poor diet, body fat percentage and lack of exercise are the most common ones. All women have to consider these factors at some point of life. Skin thickness, smoking and gender can also affect skin texture. But don’t worry. You are not the only one who experience cellulite. Over 90 per cent of women have it somewhere on their bodies. However, some of them are more prone to getting orange peel than others. It depends on their skin structure and… genetics. Another factor is smoking – it can also affect the appearance of orange peel. Cigarettes contain harmful substances which are reported to reduce blood vessel flow. They may weaken the connective tissue and, as a consequence, damage skin structure. Wearing tight clothing, especially underwear, is another cause as it badly hampers blood circulation.

Why do women suffer from cellulite more than men

Women are more prone to cellulite than men. That’s because they accumulate more fat due to the high level of estrogen circulating in their bodies. What’s more, women have three layers of fat, while men store it in just one layer. In addition, women have laxer connective tissue with fat cells arranged vertically, whereas men produce a protein-rich and cross-linked structure. It is much stronger and holds fat cells better when they push against the connective tissue. That’s why cellulite is less frequent among men.

Cellulite at young age

Surprisingly, young women can also suffer from cellulite. Even teenagers who have always been fit may find out pockets of fat under their skin. They see the signs of dimpling and do not understand what the reasons are. Their lifestyle should be blamed for all the problems with the skin condition. The way they eat, the way they spend their leisure time and, above all, lack of sports activities are the main wrongdoers.

Is there treatment for cellulite?

Cellulite is the skin condition you would like to fight with. Being aware of the causes is the beginning of an effective treatment. And treatment is available so remember: the faster you start, the better results you can get. So why don’t you start right now?