Cellulite Removal Treatments that You Can Try

Cellulite is body fat that accumulates underneath your sin. It causes a saggy effect on the skin and can also lead to wrinkles, and a general appearance that makes you look much older than you are.

However, you can take solace in the fact that there are various forms of treatments that can work on cellulite. A few of them include:


Cellubaze is a form of treatment where a tiny laser fiber is put underneath your skin. The laser is fired and its energy is used to break up the bands in the skin that make us see cellulite. The treatment is also capable of thickening your skin; a feature that is extremely important. When cellulite forms, the skin usually thins. This is why a thickening of the skin is capable of reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Cellubaze is capable of reducing the appearance of cellulite and patients will most probably see results that will last for a year or maybe even longer. This laser treatment can be very helpful, although more research is still going on with regards to it.

Ultrasonic cellulite removal

Under this method, ultrasound therapy is used to generate high frequency vibrations that remove cellulite from beneath the surface of the skin.

This method is also used for achieving a better skin shape and for reducing body fats. Its effects can last for years, and t s highly effective too.


Subcision is a type of medical procedure that involves a dermatologist inserting a needle just underneath the skin. The needle is used to dismantle the tough bands beneath the skin that cause the cellulite to appear.

Also called Cellfina, subcision has been shown to reduce the dimpling of the skin (an effect that is common with the appearance and predominance of cellulite). In a recent study that involved over 200 patients, a whopping 99% of them reported to have been satisfied with the results. This method is especially favored as its results are capable of lasting over a period of 2 years.

Vacuum-assisted precise tissue release

This process also involves the breaking up of the bands that cause you to have cellulite. While you undergo this procedure, the dermatologist will cut through the bands with a device that has small blades. After these bands have been cut, the tissue will move upward in order to fill out and as such, the dimpled skin will be eliminated.

This treatment is very effective at reducing cellulite. A study has shown that various patients who went through this study had less cellulite for about three years. However, more recent research shows that the results might even last much longer.

Weight loss

Cellulite can be more pronounced due to the presence of extra weight. In a lot of people, staying at a weight that is healthy (and also, losing excess weight) drastically reduces the amount of cellulite that they notice. However, it is worth noting that cellulite can become more noticeable if you develop loose skin while in the process of weight loss.