Latest technology for Cellulite Removal

Only 10% of women are lucky enough to not have to deal with cellulite – that means cellulite is more common than you think! Cellulite is usually noticed as little dimples on their buttocks, hips, thighs and even arms. The good news is that cellulite is not a weight issue. These little pockets of body fat may be formed under skin of even slim women. It is not dangerous, but some people feel that it looks unattractive. Dermatologists have acknowledged cellulite as a widespread condition and have conducted research studies to find effective solutions.

What treats cellulite at home?

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Any kind of effective procedure for fighting cellulite is called a treatment.

Mesotherapy, lipsuction, cellulaze, endermologie and vanquish are the examples of procedures conducted in beauty centres. These come with a high price tag and require professional care which must be carried out regularly. Only a few of them are non-invasive.

Home treatments include cellulite creams, scrubs, dry brushing and different types of massages that you can insert into your daily and weekly routines. Home treatments are not as pricey and are equally as effective so long as you are regular with your therapy. You should notice results in just 90 days!

What is the best home cellulite therapies?

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If you want to diminish cellulite, you should act on many fronts. Combination therapies are the most effective. It is crucial to find and choose what is best for you and your lumpy skin. That’s why a visual examination of the condition of your skin at the beginning of your fight is the basis of powerful treatments. Try the pinch test – this is an easy way to evaluate how much cellulite you really have. And it only takes a second!

How to fight cellulite at home



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Combination therapy is the most effective way of treating your dimpled skin.

What is combination therapy? This is a therapy which you fight cellulite with more than one treatment. Choosing proper scrubs, good quality creams, a stiff-bristled brush and an effective massager with different modes and functions you may be sure that the results will come sooner than you expect.

A good body scrub (for example created at home) will stimulate lymph flow and remove dead cells, thanks to which creams will better penetrate your skin. Dry brushing will also affect the lymphatic system and exfoliate skin. Applied daily, cellulite-fighting creams will make fat cells smaller.

Massages help increase blood circulation, releasing trapped toxins and removing excess fluid in your cellulite-prone areas. An effective massager will also speed up blood and lymph circulation and the use of radio frequency will improve nutrition absorption and make your skin look much better,

LED light energy is an effective part of treatment as this will rejuvenate the surface of your skin and well-chosen heat level will improve the skin texture. A good massager will also provide a visible slimming effect. As you can see, all treatments together will smoothly reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel’.

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