Cellulite is a serious problem the vast majority of women suffer from. Even teenagers may find out lumps under their skin. Also men sometimes have to deal with cellulite, however, they are less prone to orange peel than women. If you think that you are the only one who has noticed lumpy skin, you are wrong. Cellulite is a common problem and a lot of people have to fight dimpled skin during their lifetime.

What causes cellulite?

As you get older, skin structure changes. The connective tissue becomes weaker. Consequently, fat cells more easily come out on your thighs, hips and buttocks. Fat beneath your skin pushes the connective tissue and then dimples appear. When you are young, there are a lot of other harmful factors. Total body fat, poor diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle are the most important ones. Slow metabolism also can affect skin structure changes. Even the thickness of your skin matters. The reasons may be different as well as the solutions. So, when you notice the puckering of skin, no matter how old you are, find the most effective treatment for yourself.

How to get rid of cellulite

What is the beginning of success? Being aware of the problem and ways to solve it for good. If you want to get rid of cellulite you should know what exactly you need to fight with. And how to do it to regain attractive skin and long-term effects. There are various methods how to fight cellulite. Some are better than others. However, each woman needs individual treatment as all of us are different.

Cellulite treatments

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Some treatments need to be carried out by professional beauty therapists. Diagnosing skin problems and the grade of cellulite allows professionals to decide on the best treatment for you. Endermology is a type of deep massage (made with a machine) making your skin look better. Cellulaze reduces the appearance of cellulite as the laser inserted under skin liquefies fat and strengthens the connective tissue. Cryolipolysis freezes and eliminates fat cells. Laser treatments (radiofrequency systems) melts fat pockets to remove unwanted bumps. It also supports the connective tissue and increases blood flow. These are just examples of a wide range of treatments. The specialists will decide which one is the best for you and the skin structure on the particular part of your body. Sometimes combining different therapies can offer better results. But there is one condition: they must be carried out on a regular basis.

How to fight cellulite at home

Treatments in beauty centres should be supported by home treatment. Regularly use coffee scrubs to smooth out the surface of the skin. Apply cellulite-fighting creams daily and rub them twice a day. Discover dry brushing to boost blood circulation and improve lymphatic system. Buy a good cellulite massager and use it every day. Stop smoking, choose healthy diet, start leading active life. It is not easy to achieve such goals. It will take months for you to see results. But don’t get discouraged. The results will come sooner or later and you will be proud of yourself and your beautiful attractive skin.


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