Can I really transform my bum?


Today’s standards of beauty are seriously depressing. Our world is full of size 0 models who don’t eat and unrealistic expectations – no wonder you’re crying into your Ben & Jerry’s whilst scrolling through Kim K’s latest Insta-posts. Listen honey, all women are dissatisfied with their bodies – you need to learn to notice the bits you love about yourself, and then work to enhance those gorgeous assets!

Thinking about changing how you look?

Making a decision to transform how you look starts in the mirror. We love your curves and making the most of them can make you feel great. Start by looking at the condition of your skin and assess your level of cellulite. It’s crucial to understand if you need slimming procedures, lifting therapy, anti-cellulite therapies or a combination! The final decision lies with you after all.

What kind of technology is out there?

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When you consult a professional beautician, you will be given loads of tailored advice about your skin. They will advise on the most effective therapies. These are a few of the treatments available:

  • Liposuction (cosmetic surgery removing fat)
  • Lymphatic Massage (drainage massage)
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy (sound wave procedure)
  • Mesotheraphy (multiple injections)
  • Ultrasonic Liposculpting (fat removal procedure)
  • Endermologie (deep massage therapy)
  • Ionithermie (electric stimulation)
  • Cellulaze (laser treatment)
  • Light Therapy (photonic stimulation).

Regular treatments are recommended to sustain long term results. Your clinical professional will allocate a routine for your programme, which will be supported by treatment carried out at home. You will be advised what creams, scrubs and devices you need to buy to make the therapy more efficient.

What treatments can I use at home?

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Regular treatments is the key to success. Using home treatments is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You should always take some time to pamper yourself.

Exfoliate your skin with a proper scrub, dry brushing, applying creams and using an effective massager will take at least half an hour – this is extremely worthwhile!

If you smoke – start taking measures to stop. Nicotine and other harmful substances negatively and directly affect your blood vessels and stops the beneficial effects of your body shaping therapies.

What’s more, you should start eating healthy foods. Remember: you are what you eat, so cut down on sweets, and choose lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruit. Cut out drinks that contain a lot of sugar. If you’re a caffeine fiend limit your coffee consumption.

Try not to eat after 6pm – ensure you have your balanced daily meal earlier as it is better for your metabolism and ensures healthy digestion. Lastly – don’t forget to drink a lot of water – it’s crucial in helping remove toxins from your body.

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