3 steps to remove cellulite BRUSH-SCRUB-MASSAGE

Instagram is king, and we are its queens! To make sure your ass rules the feed of your soon-to-be-jealous friends, follow our three simple methods for enviable, no-filter selfies!


  •     1. BRUSH IT
  • Your buttocks and thighs will desperately need this! Exfoliating as part of your routine will help transform your body in just one month! This is a proven anti-cellulite method and is considered one of the fastest cellulite removal methods. Simply brush your skin before you bathe.

    Choose a brush with natural bristles, and do this three times per week (minimum) if you want to achieve the LED airbrushing effect.

    Dry brushing helps exfoliate skin by removing dead cells and stimulates the lymphatic system by increasing the blood flow. It’s a necessary part of your routine so don’t skip it!

    1. SCRUB IT

    After brushing, be sure to give your legs and thighs a good scrub. You can choose among mass produced cosmetics or home-made. Peeling is one of the easiest ways to improve skin appearance, as you’re basically getting rid of old dead skin cells, ready for that rejuvenated skin glow.

    Preparing home-made scrubs is easy! Here’s our recipe for brighter, airbrushed skin:

    1. Take olive oil (or coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, etc.), sugar, salt  powdered cinnamon,cocoa, coffee)
    2. Add citrus zest and several drops of essential oils (lavender, rosemary, citrus aroma, etc.)
    3. Mix these gorgeous ingredients into a little bowl until creamy.  
    4. Enjoy the relaxing ritual of putting the scrub and scrubbing. Get your pampering selfies on Instagram! This is a fun way to love yourself so scrub, smile and take pictures!

    Every girl loves a deep tissue massage - who knew a regular massage was a great way

    to disperse fat deposits under the skin?! Using our new generation of ultrasonic massagers, you can access advanced technologies to fight cellulite at home with professional results.

    There is a wide variety of models to choose from on the market, so make sure you look for therapies combining ultrasound therapy, radiofrequency and LED for the best results.

    There are also special gels, lotions and creams used during massages with anti-cellulite devices. These products are necessary as they act as a barrier cream and should be used for comfort and better results.

    You can also try highly concentrated serums  to get firm, toned and smooth skin. The

    active ingredients used in these serums, (for example the extract of purified sandalwood seeds) are generally derived from plant origin. So, remember to brush, scrub and massage at home, and get yourself a hunky masseuse – for a treat and not a treatment!

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