Why Radio Frequenct is a breakthrough in cosmetology   

Over the past few years, everyone in the world of cosmetics has been talking about radio frequency (RF) in beauty treatments. This technology has come leaps and bounds and seen impressive results.

How does it work?

Most practitioners use a radio frequency applicator known as a ‘node’ that makes contact directly with the skin. RF waves create vibrations. These vibrations run deep inside skin tissue which stimulates collagen and elastin production. Treated skin becomes tighter, firmer and cellulite free.

Radio Frequency acts fast

The effects from RF are visible much quicker than in other therapies. This system gets into the deep dermal layers, unlike therapies only involving lotions which must penetrate into the skin. For comfort and best results, the treatment is used with a serum ultrasonic serums for fast slimming, lifting or anti cellulite effect.

Radio Frequency is long-term

Regular treatments give long term results, and lasting effects can be seen as early 7 to 10 treatments. Usually, RF treatments are performed 3 times a week.

Radio Frequency is pain free

We know beauty can come at a price – we wax, thread and bend over backwards to keep ourselves looking beautiful (if you’ve done the pinch test, you’ve already done the hard bit!)

This revolutionary beauty treatment saves you the pain and time as it’s done quicker than other beauty treatments.

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