Assome Ultrasonic Technologies

The Science of Assome! 
Three revolutionary technologies used by beauty professionals. 


Assome! works by combining three revolutionary technologies in order to achieve the cellulite-free, firmer and smoother ass that you’ve always dreamed of.

(CV)Ultrasonic Deep Cellulite Removal  

This is a 1MHz ultrasound therapy that is usually employed by professional slimming machines. It makes use of high-frequency vibrations caused by ultrasound therapy to remove cellulite that is buried deep under the skin, reduce the percentage of stubborn fat in the flesh, and work on achieving slimming and body-shaping effects.

The physical vibrations (up to 1 million per second) provide a unique, under-skin cell massage. This enhances the cellular metabolic function, increasing the vitality of cells, promoting circulation, and improving the nutrition of tissues to keep the skin rosy and elastic.

(RF) Radiofrequency Firming and Surface Cellulite Removal

6million times per minute high frequency radio waves for skin tightening, reducing cellulite, and lightening fine lines.
Radio frequency (RF) is the latest innovation in beauty technology. RF skin-tightening treatment is an effective way to rejuvenate the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and also enhance the elasticity of the skin. The RF applies heat to the dermis (which is the deepest layer of the skin) without causing any immediate damage to the epidermis (the topmost layer of skin). It works by stimulating the structural change of the collagen fibers and elastic fibers to its original elasticity and as such, it is able to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This whole procedure will lead to an effortless and rapid skin-lightening effect.

LED AirBrushing

The red & blue lights are cold lights of high intensity. They can help with improving the condition of the skin, tendering the skin, and they can also help you regain young and agile skin.

LED light has demonstrated significant efficacy for various skin conditions. By itself, it can stimulate certain cell lines and improve some specific aspects of the skin. LED gives old skin cells a 'full tank of fuel', and these fibroblast cells start to produce collagen and elastin like that of the skin on a 20-25 year old. LED is definitely great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tones, reducing the size of pores, and giving the skin a brighter color.